Intangible heritage a challenge for management and collection policy

Zagreb, Croatia
17. - 20. October 2019.
Host organizations

Intangible Cultural Heritage

We are inviting you to participate on International conference:
Intangible heritage a challenge for management and collection policy
in Zagreb, Croatia 17 - 20 October 2019.
Conference is organised by ICOM SEE and Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb.

Conference is organised to celebrate 17th October as International Intangible Heritage Day since it was the day when in 2003 the UNESCO CONVENTION FOR THE SAFEGUARDING OF THE INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE was adopted in Paris. This Conference will help members of ICOM to get the insight in endeavours to strength UNESCO and ICOM strategic goals connected to Intangible Cultural Heritage. Conference participants will focus on challenges that are upon museum institutions in exhibiting intangible cultural heritage. Conference will focus on management and collecting policy that refers to most sensitive type of heritage, that is frequently used in cultural tourism and it is exposed to many demands.

Trough lectures, workshops, film projections, formal and informal discussions between experts, conference participants will be able to find out and exchange their experience on intangible cultural heritage on city, national and world level.

Conference partners: ICOM Croatia, ICOM Slovenia and Mimara Museum, Comcol and Intercom.

Support to the project: Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb.

UNESCO - Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible cultural heritage is defined by article 2. UNESCO Convention of Safeguarding of Intangible cultural heritage and article 9. the Law on the protection and preservation of cultural goods. For the purpose of entry into the register of cultural goods of Croatia there are three basic categories:

* Language, dialects, speech and toponyms, oral literature
* Folklore creativity in the field of music, dancing, beliefs, games, rituals, customs and other traditional folk values,
* Traditional skills and crafts

Intangible cultural heritage of Croatia on UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: