Nematerijalna baština izazov za politiku upravljanja i prikupljanja

Zagreb, Hrvatska
17. - 20. listopada 2019.

Program konferencije

Project Support:
Organising committee:
Darko Babić, ICOM Croatia
Goranka Horjan; ICOM SEE
Åsa Stenström, COMCOL
Alenka Černelič Krošelj, vice president ICOM Slovenia
Ole Winter, INTERCOM
Scientific committee:
Iris Biškupić Bašić
Biljana Đorđević
Tanja Roženbergar
Tvrtko Zebec
Main coordinator:
Tanja Kocković Zaborski

17th October 2019, Mimara Museum
10:00 – Opening of the conference
Introductory greetings by organizers and members of Croatian Ministry of Culture and City of Zagreb:
Welcome address by the host director mr. sc. Lada Ratković Bukovčan, Mimara Museum
Goranka Horjan, director of Ethnographic Museum and president of ICOM SEE
Representative of City of Zagreb
Representative of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

10:30 – Opening panel:
How to initiate International Day of Intangible Heritage
Keynote to the panel:
Tvrtko Zebec, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, director of the International Folklore Festival and member of the National Committee for ICH at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Darko Babić, chair of ICOM Croatia,
Alenka Černelič Krošelj, vice president ICOM Slovenia
Alexandra Bounia, board member COMCOL
Goranka Horjan, board member ICOM SEE
Slavko Spasić, chair of ICOM Serbia
Tanja Roženbergar, director of Slovene Ethnographic Museum and vice president of ICOM SEE

11:50 - Coffee break
Visiting artisans of intangible heritage in atrium of Mimara Museum (traditional toys, lace, gold embroidery); in atrium of Museum Mimara conference attendants can also watch selection of documentary films on intangible heritage

12:15 – First theme panel:
Challenges in collecting and documenting intangible heritage
Keynote to the panel:
Alexandra Bounia (UCL Qatar): Challenges in documenting and collecting intangible heritage in museums: an overview - 🔗
Iris Biškupić Bašić (Ethnographic museum / Zagreb): The Zagreb Ethnographic Museum – New challenges in collecting disappearing heritage - 🔗
Goran Sanev (Archaeological Museum of the Republic of North Macedonia): Preservation of the intangible cultural heritage in North Macedonia - 🔗
Nirha Efendić (National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina): The cultural context of sevdalinka development and archival preservation today - 🔗
Lebiba Džeko (National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Some experiences in researches of intangible cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 🔗
Moderator: Alma Leka, Chair of ICOM Bosnia and Herzegovina

13:35 – 15:00 – Lunch break

15:00 – Second theme panel:
Intangible Heritage and Communities
Keynote to the panel:
Lee Inhye (National folk museum of Korea): Issue of the process of heritigization: Focusing on the culture of Jeju Haenyeo Community
Matija Dronjić (Ethnographic Museum / Zagreb): What can we learn from “The Culture of Jeju Haenyeo” safeguarding endeavors?
Yiannis Markakis (Cretan open-air Museum “Lychnostatis”): Earthly voices, ICH & Cretan Communities
Lidija Nikočević (Ethnographic Museum of Istria/Museo Etnografico dell'Istria): In the collaboration with communities: voices from a regional museum
Adela Pukl (Slovene Ethnographic Museum): What are the benefits of researching ICH for Slovene Ethnographic Museum?
Tanja Kocković Zaborski, Ethnographic Museum, Zagreb

16:30 – Guided tour of the Mimara Museum
19:00 Reception at the Ethnographic museum / Zagreb and guided tour

18th October 2019, Mimara Museum, Zagreb
9:30 – Third theme panel:
Museum Management and Challenges of Decolonisation and Restitution
Keynote to the panel:
Boris Wastaiu (Ethnographic Museum of Geneva): Museum management and challenges of decolonisation and restitution - 🔗
Rut Carek, (Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia): Multinational nominations for intangible cultural heritage UNESCO list - 🔗
Cyril Isnart (Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations): MUCEM as a postcolonial museum? History, collections and collaborative practices - 🔗
Kate Šikić Čubrić & Mirela Bilić (Betina museum of wooden shipbuilding): Safeguarding of the intangible heritage of Betina wooden shipbuilding – future challenges - 🔗
Slavko Spasić, ICOM Serbia Chair

11:00 - Coffee break

11:30 - Forth theme panel:
Sustainable Solutions for ICH
Key note to the panel:
Mirela Hrovatin (Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia): Financial support to intangible cultural heritage projects - 🔗
Svetla Dimitrova (Open air ethnographic museum ETAR): The museum event schedule and the non-tangible cultural heritage - 🔗
Virgil Ştefan Niţulescu (National museum of the Romanian peasant): Sustainable solutions for intangible cultural heritage – Romania’s case - 🔗
Katarina Sekirnik (Consortium of craft centers of Slovenia): Consortium of craft centers of Slovenia and its sustainable approach - 🔗
Moderator: Ralf Čeplak Mencin, ICME chair

13:00 – Lunch break

14:00. Fifth theme panel:
How to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills to younger generations
Key note to the panel:
Ralf Čeplak Mencin (Slovene ethnographic museum): How to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills to younger generations - 🔗
Mirjam Gnezda Bogataj (Idrija municipal museum): Transferring knowledge and skills of bobbin lacemaking to young people in Slovenia - 🔗
Jelena Đukanović (Regional museum Nikšić): All Colours of Montenegro – Dyeing of Wool with Herbal Dyes - 🔗
Mirela Miličević Sečić (Federal ministry of culture and sports of Bosnia and Herzegovina): Should I stay or should I go? - 🔗
Maja Žebčević Matić (Požega city museum): Museum in the pot - 🔗
Moderator: Alenka Černelić Krošelj, vice president ICOM Slovenia

15:30 - Presentation of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage
Hyeon Mi Chung (National folk museum of Korea): Bridging the past-present-future of intangible cultural heritage - 🔗

19th October 2019 - Excursion to Slovenia
8:15 meeting point @ Mimara Museum
8:30 Departure to Trbovlje; drive along the river Sava, with the scenic view of castles and beautiful scenery of Krško, Sevnica, Radeče
10:30 Guided tour of the power plant Trbovlje
11:15 Guided tour of Trbovlje by Zasavski museum team
12:00 Visit of Informative Center (Culture Park, project Inspiration) and Delavski dom
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – 14:30 Delavski dom @ Trbovlje: Discussion on how to preserve intangible industrial heritage (meeting with partners in project Inspiration)
14:30 – 15:30 Guided tour around the Festival Speculum Artium in Delavski dom
17:00 – 18:00 Guided tour of Brežice castle Museum
20:00 Return to Zagreb

20th October 2019
Departure of conference participants